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Friday, June 7, 2024

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Enable the option for early unlocking of all tokens

Enable the option for early unlocking of tokens with a penalty for early unlock

Instructions for use of this tool:

Step 1 - Create BPT with your token

To create a Vote Escrow system, you will need a Balancer Pool Token (BPT) that is to be locked. Use your pool token address in this tool as "Locked Token Address". For more information on Deploying Balancer Pools, see this guideopen in new window.

Step 2 - Deploy Voting Escrow System

Use this Admin panel with the admin wallet to create your VE system. For direct access to contracts, see this guide.

Step 3 - Add Your Own Reward Program

Use the "Rewards Distribution" tab to set Reward Token and permisssions. For more detailed information see Reward Distributor Guide and the Reward Faucet Guide


Before using this tool, review Specific Risks and Balancer Terms of Useopen in new window

Source code can be found at Protofire's Github Repoopen in new window. This code has been audited by Certora - read the report hereopen in new window.