Balancer V1


  • Core Pool: A BPool contract object - this is the "base" pool that actually holds the tokens
  • Balance: The total token balance of a pool. Does not refer to any user balance.
  • Denorm: Denormalized weight. Weights on a BPool, though often displayed as percentages, are configured and stored in their denormalized form. For instance, in a two-token pool with denormalized weights of A=38 and B=2, token A's percentage weight would be 38/(38+2), or 95%. Conversely, token B's proportion would be 2/(38+2), or 5%.
  • Controller: The pool's "owner"; an address that can call CONTROL capabilities.
  • Factory: The official BPool factory. Pools deployed from this factory appear on Balancer user interfaces (e.g., the Exchange and Pool Manager).
  • Smart Pool: A contract that owns (i.e., is the controller), **of a Core Pool**. Much more about these later.