Balancer V2

Balancer x Certora Accelerator

On the 10th October 2022, Balancer launched the Balancer Certora Security Accelerator in partnership with Certora. The Security Accelerator helps projects building on Balancer increase their code security.
The Accelerator provides code reviews and grant access to Certora’s formal verification Prover. This alignment strengthens the soundness of the code base and streamlines the go-to-market process for projects building on Balancer.
The Balancer and Certora Security Accelerator offers the following advantages:
  • Two weeks of manual code review by Certora engineers familiar with Balancer’s codebase
  • Set up and introduction of Certora’s formal verification Prover
  • $10.000 USD worth of credits for Certora’s formal verification Prover
  • Integration assistance by Balancer on code functionality and business logic