Balancer V2

Managed Pools


Managed Pools are designed to bring extreme flexibility to Balancer, unlocking possibilities for sophisticated portfolio strategies and fine-grained control.
Managed Pools use Weighted Math and allow users to have pools of up to 50 tokens. These pools provide a framework for fund managers, can be used to track a wider crypto sector, and feature time-based weight shifting mechanisms similar to those of Liquidity Bootstrapping Pools.


Feature Rich

Managed Pools are feature rich. Some of the features include:
  • Pool Manager(s)
  • Management Fees (optional)
  • Liquidity Provider Allowlists
  • Up to 50 tokens
  • Active Token Management
    • Add
    • Remove
    • Change token weights
  • Circuit Breakers to protect from malicious/compromised tokens

Use Cases

The WSBDapp Managed Pool

WSBDapp is utilizing Balancer's Managed Pools to bring decentralized finance to their users. This allows their investors to participate in pools created and operated by the WSBDapp Team using the technology and control only available on Balancer.