Liquidity Mining Estimates API

Liquidity Mining Estimates API

This API provides an estimate amount of tokens earned by a liquidity provider at the current week (and previous week if tokens weren't sent out yet). Cumulative estimates for the week in progress are computed every hour, and the velocity with each tokens are being accrued is computed from the difference between two consecutive estimates. Clients can then use the velocity to update in real time the estimates retrieved from the API.

Retrieving Liquidity Provider Data

HTTP Request


URL Parameters





The address of the liquidity provider


Example Request

Example Response

{ "success": true, "result": { "current_timestamp": "2021-08-02T22:11:58.714Z", "liquidity-providers": [ { "snapshot_timestamp": "2021-08-02T12:58:05.000Z", "address": "0xa9F8E7337eBb7982f9f5497BC5Ae98e69e1a39A7", "token_address": "0x0d500b1d8e8ef31e21c99d1db9a6444d3adf1270", "chain_id": 137, "current_estimate": "52.852122329992465537", "velocity": "0.000661201814487363", "week": 62 }, { "snapshot_timestamp": "2021-08-02T12:58:05.000Z", "address": "0xa9F8E7337eBb7982f9f5497BC5Ae98e69e1a39A7", "token_address": "0x9a71012b13ca4d3d0cdc72a177df3ef03b0e76a3", "chain_id": 137, "current_estimate": "3.523474821999491233", "velocity": "0.000044080120965824", "week": 62 }, { "snapshot_timestamp": "2021-08-01T23:58:06.000Z", "address": "0xa9F8E7337eBb7982f9f5497BC5Ae98e69e1a39A7", "token_address": "0x0d500b1d8e8ef31e21c99d1db9a6444d3adf1270", "chain_id": 137, "current_estimate": "327.477708233340251809", "velocity": "0", "week": 61 }, { "snapshot_timestamp": "2021-08-01T23:58:06.000Z", "address": "0xa9F8E7337eBb7982f9f5497BC5Ae98e69e1a39A7", "token_address": "0x9a71012b13ca4d3d0cdc72a177df3ef03b0e76a3", "chain_id": 137, "current_estimate": "21.831847215556017261", "velocity": "0", "week": 61 }, { "snapshot_timestamp": "2021-08-01T23:58:06.000Z", "address": "0xa9F8E7337eBb7982f9f5497BC5Ae98e69e1a39A7", "token_address": "0x580a84c73811e1839f75d86d75d88cca0c241ff4", "chain_id": 137, "current_estimate": "0", "velocity": "0", "week": 61 }, { "snapshot_timestamp": "2021-08-01T23:58:06.000Z", "address": "0xa9F8E7337eBb7982f9f5497BC5Ae98e69e1a39A7", "token_address": "0xF501dd45a1198C2E1b5aEF5314A68B9006D842E0", "chain_id": 137, "current_estimate": "0", "velocity": "0", "week": 61 }, { "snapshot_timestamp": "2021-08-02T12:58:05.000Z", "address": "0xa9F8E7337eBb7982f9f5497BC5Ae98e69e1a39A7", "token_address": "0x580a84c73811e1839f75d86d75d88cca0c241ff4", "chain_id": 137, "current_estimate": "0", "velocity": "0.000000000000000000", "week": 62 }, { "snapshot_timestamp": "2021-08-02T12:58:05.000Z", "address": "0xa9F8E7337eBb7982f9f5497BC5Ae98e69e1a39A7", "token_address": "0xF501dd45a1198C2E1b5aEF5314A68B9006D842E0", "chain_id": 137, "current_estimate": "0", "velocity": "0.000000000000000000", "week": 62 } ] }}

Response Definitions




false if an error occurred, true otherwise


The timestamp of when the request was received by the server


The last time the mining estimator script was executed and velocity was determined


The address of the liquidity provider


The address of the token received as incentive for liquidity provided


The ID of the chain in which liquidity was provided


The estimated rate, intokens/second, at which tokens were being mined by the address at the last time the estimator script was run


The estimated total amount of token mined by address in the week up to time current_timestamp


The number of the week that the estimates refer to, 1 being the week between Jun-01-2020 00:00:00 and Jun-07-2020 23:59:59

Client side updates

Clients can update the real time estimate by increasing the current_estimate retrieved from the API by velocity every second. The underlying data served by the API is updated every other hour, but it takes about 10 minutes to run the script, so clients should not expect any changes before at least 70 minutes have passed since snapshot_timestamp.


  • Estimates are approximate, as they do not account for liquidity added/removed since the last time the script was run.

  • The API only provides estimates for weeks that have not yet been finalized; as soon as the estimator script detects that the previous weeks claims have been made available, the estimates for that week are removed from the underlying dataset.