Balancer V2

About Balancer Protocol and Labs

What is Balancer Protocol?

Balancer Protocol is an automated market maker (AMM) protocol built on Ethereum. It facilitates trades as a decentralized exchange, and supports liquidity providers by allowing anyone to create and supply trading pools.

Who benefits from Balancer Protocol?

Balancer offers value to all parts of the liquidity ecosystem — a self-balancing portfolio for liquidity providers, a deep liquidity source for traders, and flexible platform for developers.

What networks does Balancer Protocol run on?

Balancer is deployed on Ethereum, Polygon, and Arbitrum. It's also deployed to the Kovan, Goerli, and Ropsten testnets.
Additionally, there is a friendly fork on Fantom.
There are no implementations on Tron, or any other networks. Balancer Labs has awarded grants to teams developing on Near and Algorand; however, these are exploratory grants, and does not imply that there are working versions of Balancer Protocol on these systems.

Who is behind Balancer Labs?

The team behind the Balancer Protocol (Balancer Labs) has been in the DeFi space for a while, and started Balancer as a research project in early 2018.
They have proven that they can ship and maintain a successful DeFi product that is driven by decentralized governance. The team has shown that they respect and care about the ethos of the industry. This collaborative mindset made them built Snapshot, an open-source tool that allows for gasless voting which became the de-facto standard for decentralized governance voting with 800 projects using it as of writing.
Currently there are ~30 Balancer Labs employees, consisting of developers, integrations, marketing, business development, and more.

What’s the relationship between Balancer Labs and Balancer Protocol?

Balancer Labs is the organization founded to start implementation and evolution of Balancer Protocol. Since its inception, the code has been open sourced under GPL3.0 license. Balancer Labs' mission is to create a network and community strong and reliable enough to dissolve the company and hand responsibilities to the Balancer Community.