Balancer V2

Minimum veBAL for Max Boost

A common question is what is the minimum number of veBAL a user needs to hold in order to receive the maximum boost. To calculate this value:
min veBALmax boostTotal veBAL=ll+L L=l+L min veBALmax boost=Total veBALlL\frac{min \ veBAL_{max \ boost}}{Total \ veBAL} = \frac{l}{l+L} \\ \\\ \\ L'=l+L \\ \\\ \\ min \ veBAL_{max \ boost}= Total \ veBAL*\frac{l}{L'}
  • The amount of veBAL needed for max boost is directly proportional to a users' share a liquidity gauges staked pool tokens.
While this does answer what the minimum amount of veBAL is need for maximum boost at one point in time, we must consider what happens over time. if a user has the minimum veBAL required to receive maximum rewards and then more veBAL is minted, this means I will no longer be receiving the maximum rewards due to dilution of the Total veBAL.
To the opposite point, as more liquidity enters the pool your boost may increase, but net rewards decrease, while this is less critical one may require less veBAL if the portion of the pool they own decreases. Therefore, it is up to the user’s discretion how much veBAL they would like to hold.