Balancer V2

veBAL and Gauges

The veBAL and Gauge system is designed to promote long-term token-holder alignment, decentralize Liquidity Mining allocation, and facilitate fair protocol revenue distribution. This system is based heavily on Curve's veCRV system.
Looking for data from Gauges? Gauge Data lives in the Balancer-Gauges Subgraph.

veBAL Overview

veBAL (vote-escrow BAL) is a vesting and yield system based on Curve’s veCRV mechanism which locks 80/20 BAL/WETH Balancer Pool Tokens for a maximum of 1 year.

Gauges Overview

Gauges are a class of contracts that determine how Liquidity Mining (LM) is allocated.
There are a few Gauge Types to handle a few scenarios; some Gauge Types require voting with veBAL to give specific Gauges a higher weighting, while others are fixed-amount distribution channels. These per-Gauge-Type amounts can be changed by Governance vote.
  • Voting with veBAL: Allocating LM to specific Ethereum mainnet pools
  • Fixed-Amount: Amounts designated for the LM Committee to allocate as they see fit
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