Governance Process


This page outlines the Balancer Governance Process from Request for Comment [RFC] through executing a result.
  1. 1.
    Post a Request for Comment to the forum (template)
  2. 2.
    Facilitate preliminary discussion
  3. 3.
    Update and refine RFC to become a Proposal
  4. 4.
    Snapshot vote
  5. 5.
    Execute result or try again in 30 days


Step 1: Request For Comment (RFC)

Start a new conversation on the Governance section of the forum with the [RFC] tag. The message should contain the following sections. Click here for a forum post template.
  • Background
    • What is the current state or what you're addressing? Is there any relevant information that the common reader might not know?
  • Core Proposal(s)
    • What is your idea on how to improve the state of the art?
  • Dependencies
    • What is needed to introduce the change?
  • Risk assessment
    • What can go wrong? What is the impact of your proposal on the rest of the community, ecosystem, protocol?
  • Open Questions
    • Any obvious discussions or things you are still considering?

Step 2: Discussion

  • Monitor the discussion and gather feedback
  • Message #brainstorming-and-ideas channel on Discord to draw peoples' attention to the RFC
  • Encourage interested parties on Discord to gather their thoughts in a forum post

Step 3: Proposal

  • After about two weeks, it's time to move to the proposal phase, assuming there has been some discussion and some preliminary consensus.
  • In the same topic thread as your RFC, share your updated proposal.
    • The proposal should be a refined RFC that includes all the suggestions from the discussion.
  • Change the tag from [RFC] to [Proposal].
  • Collecting final feedback and get advice for changes.
  • Wait for at least 7 days and make sure you have a general consensus among the others before moving to Snapshot.

Step 4: Snapshot

Now that we have a proposal, we can move into a Snapshot vote. If you are unable to post your Proposal to Snapshot, ask for help in the Discord #governance channel.

Step 5: Results

If the vote fails in an approve/reject vote, the guideline for a re-vote is to wait at least 30 days.
If the vote succeeds or a result has been chosen, follow through to make sure that it is properly executed. Depending on what the vote is about, it may require an action by the Multisig.
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