Balancer V2

Emergency subDAO

The Emergency DAO is an idea pioneered by Curve that empowers a small group to “kill” pools and gauges in the event of malicious activity and/or potential loss of funds. The Balancer emergency subDAO was established after the following vote.
The Emergency subDAO is a 4-of-7 multisig with the following members:
  • Solarcurve (0x512fce9B07Ce64590849115EE6B32fd40eC0f5F3)
  • Mike B (0xF01Cc7154e255D20489E091a5aEA10Bc136696a8)
  • Zekraken (0xafFC70b81D54F229A5F50ec07e2c76D2AAAD07Ae)
  • Zen Dragon (0x7c2eA10D3e5922ba3bBBafa39Dc0677353D2AF17)
  • Markus (0x6bB4720473d4D7133f944785e5EE1A650C07f34e)
  • Fernando (0xbbF0Ae5195444264364CA7eb7E3BB1971B4c3eCb)
  • Nico (0x815d654E930E840D0E0Ee1B18FFc8Fb4ddA4c6B3)
Gnosis safe addresses:
An additional power of the Emergency subDAO will be to add a token to the deny list on the newly created “ProtocolFeesWithdrawer” contract. In order for a token to be added back to the allow list a veBAL governance vote would be required. A token would only be added to the deny list in the event of an issue along the lines of the recent Synthetix bug disclosure.
The BIP139 updates the following permissions of the Emergency subDAO: -enableRecoveryMode() for Pools to provide a simple way to exit pools proportionally at the cost of disabling protocol fees (swaps, joins, etc. still work)
-denylistToken() to prevent withdrawing certain tokens from the protocol fee withdrawer
-disable() to shutdown pool factories ( this is to prevent further pools from being created, existing pools remain unaffected)