Balancer V2



Grants and contributor awards are important mechanisms for coordinating resources and developing ecosystems.
The Grant Program provides support and funding to projects committed to supporting the Balancer Protocol in achieving its mission to become the number one source of liquidity for DeFi. This program is made for groups and individuals that want to build on the Balancer Protocol or supports the development of the Balancer ecosystem.

Grants DAO

The Balancer Grants DAO is a community-operated DAO, dedicated to developing the Balancer Ecosystem.
The DAO is operated by the Grants Committee, a group of diverse and experienced Balancer contributors with strong analytical and support backgrounds.
The Grants Committee works closely with Balancer Labs and the Ballers, a group of Community Members, to amplify and support grantees.
By having a dedicated and diverse group of Committee members, and proactively working together with other ecosystem partners, Balancer Grants is one of the most effective grants programs in the DeFi landscape.

Review Process

During the evaluation, the Grant Committee looks at the reasonable viability of the applications and does due diligence on the team. The evaluation process takes 2 weeks.
If the application is successful, the applicant team is contacted by the Committee to discuss further steps. The Standard Operating Procedure provides for the assignment of a mentor to the team for establishing regular contacts and providing support. It is expected that this is reciprocated by grantees through operational transparency, high developer velocity, active repositories, and frequent communications.

Milestone Review

Balancer Grants works with milestone-based payouts. These milestones are clear and reasonable targets based on the communication between the grantees and the Grant Committee.
Grantees are encouraged to map their deliverables and timeline by using a GANNT style template that can be found here.
Grants are given in BAL tokens, based on predefined installments. Such installments are subject to an emission schedule to ensure that predefined milestones are achieved.
The Balancer Grants Committee controls BAL emissions and assesses milestone reports from grantees before follow-on emissions. The Balancer Grants Committee may decide not to distribute all follow-up BAL emissions for projects that do not hit their deliverables.