Balancer V2



Ballers are active community members versed in the wider DeFi landscape, with specific knowledge and insight into how Balancer can play a role in the foundation of those protocols and projects. A Baller helps others looking to learn more about Balancer. Ballers tend to interface with other Balancer community members and with projects looking to integrate with the Protocol.


  • Welcoming
  • Trustworthy
  • Responsive
  • Caring
With respect to privacy, all members have the freedom to participate in the form they prefer, allowing for the opportunity to maintain their anonymity.
For Balancer to function as a fully autonomous ecosystem, Ballers take actions for community members to feel welcomed and recognized.

Work Norms

Ballers organize in a Baller specific Discord channel and form their own coordination channel(s) as necessary.
Ballers are nominated on a case by case basis when demonstrating consistent, valuable participation. New Ballers are added through a nomination system, one Baller champions a new member, and the rest of the group voices their perspective.
In the situation of continued inactivity or a violation of shared norms, Ballers come to an agreement to remove any member, in a pragmatic and emotion-conscious manner.
Ballers meet weekly and have an ongoing chat. Ballers have the freedom to set their own schedule, but are asked to communicate about extended breaks or leaves of absence.


Objectives are set with the best interest of the Protocol in mind:
  • Create a standard around communication and coordination
  • Establish frameworks towards a common vision
  • Determine individual goals in accordance with personal skills and spheres of competence


Ballers assess themselves monthly through the growth and level of engagement of the Balancer core community measured by:
  • Number of Discord members
  • Cadence and level of participation on the Discourse governance forum
  • Relationship between Ballers and other DeFi communities

Why be a Baller?

Being a Baller is being part of a living system that grows, discovers, and evolves. This is a community of web3 natives with a shared vision for a self-sovereign Community.
Ballers lean as far into the community as possible, to create value, and to build the primary source of DeFi liquidity.