// Issued when Vault or Pools set or clear the emergency paused state
event PausedStateChanged(bool paused)
// Record a change to the AccessControl role Admin
event RoleAdminChanged(bytes32 indexed role,
bytes32 indexed previousAdminRole,
bytes32 indexed newAdminRole)
// Grant or Revoke permission for an account to perform a given role
// (i.e., call a specific function)
// If sender is set, restrict to specific contract
event RoleGranted(bytes32 indexed role,
address indexed account,
address indexed sender)
event RoleRevoked(bytes32 indexed role,
address indexed account,
address indexed sender)
// Emitted when governance changes the Authorizer contract
event AuthorizerSet(IAuthorizer indexed newAuthorizer)
// Approve or Revoke relayer privileges
event RelayerApprovalChanged(address indexed relayer,
address indexed sender,
bool approved)
// When associated with a Pool, records a change to the Pool's swap fee
// When emitted from the ProtocolFeeCollector, records a change to the
// Protocol Swap Fee
event SwapFeePercentageChanged(uint256 swapFeePercentage)
// Records a change to the Protocol Flash Loan Fee
event FlashLoanFeePercentageChanged(uint256 newFlashLoanFeePercentage)
// Emitted by BasePoolFactory when a new pool is deployed
event PoolCreated(address indexed pool)
event PoolRegistered(bytes32 indexed poolId,
address indexed poolAddress,
PoolSpecialization specialization)
// Add a set of tokens to a Pool
event TokensRegistered(bytes32 indexed poolId,
IERC20[] tokens,
address[] assetManagers)
// Remove a set of tokens from a Pool
event TokensDeregistered(bytes32 indexed poolId, IERC20[] tokens)
// Record Internal (User) Balance transaction
event InternalBalanceChanged(address indexed user,
IERC20 indexed token,
int256 delta)
// Record transfer between external accounts, using Vault allowance
event ExternalBalanceTransfer(IERC20 indexed token,
address indexed sender,
address recipient,
uint256 amount)
// Emitted when an LP joins or exits a Pool
event PoolBalanceChanged(bytes32 indexed poolId,
address indexed liquidityProvider,
IERC20[] tokens,
int256[] deltas,
uint256[] protocolFeeAmounts)
// Records an individual swap with a Pool (might be part of a batch swap)
event Swap(bytes32 indexed poolId,
IERC20 indexed tokenIn,
IERC20 indexed tokenOut,
uint256 amountIn,
uint256 amountOut)
// Records an Asset Manager interaction with a Pool
// (Deposit, Withdrawal, or Update)
event PoolBalanceManaged(bytes32 indexed poolId,
address indexed assetManager,
IERC20 indexed token,
int256 cashDelta,
int256 managedDelta)
// Records a FlashLoan
event FlashLoan(IFlashLoanRecipient indexed recipient,
IERC20 indexed token,
uint256 amount,
uint256 feeAmount)