Will voters vote on how much emissions go to each network or is that locked?

The voting mechanism is described in "How it works" in Gauge voting documentation.

Voters will determine the amount of emissions going to gauge listed pools on each chain (Mainnet, Polygon, and Arbitrum), the voting will happen on mainnet. This is because the contracts to read your veBAL balance are on mainnet only.

If you have veBAL on mainnet, does it boost your farming on Arbitrum, Polygon?

No, only gauges on L1 (Ethereum mainnet) receive incentive boosts because the contracts must read your veBAL balance.

The boost depends on what fraction of the gauge staked liquidity you hold and what fraction of the total veBAL you hold. See more on boosting here.

Is the veBAL vote on-chain, and does it require gas fees?

Yes, gauge votes are on-chain and cost a fee. They can be cast in the Balancer DAPPopen in new window

Other governance is done by snapshotopen in new window and costs no gas.

If the same pools will be selected each week, no additional vote, transaction, or gas is needed. Users only have to vote once, unless they want to change their allocation.

Can I delegate my votes?

veBAL voting can not be delegated, however snapshot voting covering general DAO operations and management of gauges can be delegated hereopen in new window. A list of delegates and more information about them and how/why they vote can be found on the In the Delegate Citadelopen in new window on the Balancer Forum.

Do veBAL holders receive a portion of the trading fees? How are the protocol fees paid?

veBAL holders are receive protocol fees distributed in bbaUSD (Boosted Aave Stable Pool LP Tokens) see Protocol Revenue Distribution.

Is there a way to view how much total veBAL there is?

Yes that information can be found on the veBAL Dune Dashbaordopen in new window

How do I make a pool eligible for gauge voting?

Need to make a governance proposal. See Governance Process and The instructions for a Gauge request on the Forumopen in new window.

How much BAL/WETH BPT do I stake to maximize my multiplier? What amount do you need to stake at 1 year to hit the 2.5x boost for liquidity incentives?

The length of time locked corresponds to how much veBAL you'll get for your 80/20 BPT. Voting is 1 veBAL for a 52 week lock of 1 BPT. Where a one week lock of 1 BPT will give 1/52 veBAL.

The LM boost is separate. Related to your share of the pool and share of veBAL. Range limited from 1-2.5x. This can be calculated on our tools site and the math is explained here.

How do i get veBAL, and can i transfer BPT or veBAL?

You will need to have BAL tokens or WETH to invest in the BAL/WETH 80/20 pool. You can deposit a single asset, which will incur some price impact, or you can deposit both assets in the correct weights. You will receive BPT which you can then time lock here to receive veBAL.

Yes, you can transfer BPTs. Rewards will accrue in the wallet where they are held.

veBAL is a non-standard ERC-20 token and cannot be transferred.

How do I extend my veBAL lock up?

Just go to the veBAL siteopen in new window, see "Lock until" , click "+", choose the time desired, and confirm.

Are incentives paid daily?

Incentives on mainnet are now accrued each block. Protocol fees are distributed on a weekly basis.

Does veBAL support Gnosis Safe?

It's normal for vote escrowed (ve) systems to not allow arbitrary contracts to lock as otherwise it's easy to tokenize the ve tokens which defeats can the point if the tokenomics of said derivitive does not require appropriate locking. Users can lock up veBAL from an EOA and delegate it to your gnosis safe to earn boosts. Entities interested in making a large investment in veBAL may appeal to governance to have a multisig whitelisted for veBAL participation.

Is there a repository for the contract addresses of all the new staking contracts and veBAL contracts?

veBALopen in new windowLocks BPTs and reports veBAL balances
Gauge Controlleropen in new windowManages Gauges and emissions
Gauge Adderopen in new windowAdds new gauges approved by governance to the system
Mainnet Uncapped Gauge Factoryopen in new windowCreate gauges with no cap on Mainnet
Mainnet Capped Gauge Factoryopen in new windowCreate gauges with possible cap on Mainnet
Polygon Capped Gauge Factoryopen in new windowCreate gauges with a possible CAP on Polygon
Polygon Child Chain Gauge Factoryopen in new windowCreate child gauge to hold LP tokens on Polygon
Arbitrum Capped Gauge Factoryopen in new windowCreate gauges with a possible CAP on Arbitrum
Arbitrum Child Chain Gauge Factoryopen in new windowCreate child gauge to hold LP tokens on Arbitrum